The AI Phone Agent for Quick-Service Restaurants

Take every phone order

Unburden your staff and let AI answer the phone

Loman's AI phone agent is the ideal solution for quick service restaurants, providing 24/7 order-taking with human-like precision and efficiency. By seamlessly integrating with your point of sale system, Loman AI can handle taking phone orders and answering customer questions to enhance customer satisfaction and boosts staff productivity, ensuring no customer is ever put on hold.

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of customers don't call
back if you don't answer
their call


of customers still prefer
to order takeout over
the phone


of customers will move
on and order elsewhere
if they're not answered
Why Loman?

Never miss another takeout phone order

Take every phone order
Integration with your POS
Answer customer questions

Loman AI Handles 100% of Phone Orders

Loman AI can handle every takeout order seamlessly, pushing each one directly to your POS system, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. By managing the order-taking process, Loman AI unburdens your staff, allowing them to focus on in-house service and other critical tasks. This efficiency not only enhances customer satisfaction but also enables you to reduce staffing budgets without compromising service quality.

Seamless Integration with Leading Point-of-Sale Systems

Loman AI integrates effortlessly with leading point of sale systems like Square and Toast, ensuring that you don't need to lift a finger when a new order comes in. This seamless integration automates the order-taking process, instantly pushing each order to your POS system, allowing your staff to focus on delivering excellent customer service. With Loman AI, managing orders becomes a hassle-free experience, streamlining operations and boosting efficiency in your restaurant.

Answer Every Customer Question, Every Time

Loman AI handles every customer question with precision by being intimately trained on your restaurant's specific details and menu. Our AI learns the ins and outs of your offerings, ensuring accurate and relevant responses to all inquiries. This tailored training allows Loman AI to provide a personalized customer experience, answering questions just as your staff would, but with the added advantage of 24/7 availability.

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