A Friendly AI Receptionist for your Full Service Restaurant

24/7 Available AI Receiptionist

AI that Books Reservations and Answers Every Customer Question

Loman AI helps full service restaurants maintain the highest level of customer service and automates tasks like booking reservations, handling customer inquiries, and routing calls. With Loman AI to answer every call, you will ensure customers never feel put off when you can't pick up the phone. Loman's AI phone agent helps customers easily book reservations, handle takeout orders, answer questions about the menu, and can even route customers to catering or the management team for a smoother experience. Stop worrying about missing customer calls or putting people on hold and start focusing on providing the best in house customer experience as possible.

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of adults book elsewhere
if they can't get a reservation
within 60 seconds.


of calls are put on hold
at restaurants causing
frustrated customers


of customers hang up
after being on hold
longer than 90 seconds
Why Loman?

Never put another restaurant customer on hold

book reservations
Answer customer questions
Transfer Calls

Loman AI Handles 100% of Phone Calls for Reservations

Loman.ai can seamlessly handle restaurant reservations by managing incoming calls 24/7, taking bookings, and sending automated reminders to customers. This ensures that no reservation opportunity is missed, reducing no-show rates and maximizing table occupancy. With its integration into the restaurant's POS system, Loman.ai provides a smooth and efficient booking process, enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Automatically Handle Every Customer Question

Loman.ai expertly manages full-service restaurant calls by being meticulously trained on your restaurant's unique menu and common customer inquiries. Our AI understands the nuances of your offerings, ensuring it can accurately respond to questions about dishes, ingredients, specials, and more. Whether customers are asking about dietary restrictions, menu recommendations, or hours of operation, Loman.ai provides precise, relevant answers around the clock, delivering a seamless and personalized customer experience just like your best-trained staff, but with the added advantage of never missing a call.

Easily Route Calls When Customers Need More Help

Loman.ai seamlessly routes calls to other departments, ensuring that inquiries about catering or large party reservations are directed to the right personnel. This AI-driven system recognizes specific keywords and contexts within customer calls, allowing it to transfer calls efficiently to the appropriate department. This capability not only enhances customer satisfaction by providing quick and accurate responses but also streamlines operations within the restaurant, ensuring that specialized requests are handled by the right team members promptly.

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